Bonnie by Iris Johansen

Posted September 26, 2011 by Meoskop in Book Reviews, Romance, Suspense / 0 Comments

A young red haired white girl's face is blurred behind the outline of burned trees or leaf vines, image is unclearI don’t think I am going to be reviewing Bonnie. I’m not even sure I am going to read it. Quinn might have been my last Iris Johansen book, and like so many endings I didn’t know it while it was occuring. I mention this only because I have reviewed several other books in the series and because I need to say something in relation to this book.

I was wrong.

During the reset of the series that occurred in Eve and Quinn, I formulated a theory that Johansen was going to bring out a twist ending. I could see the groundwork laid for the twist. With so many books behind her, so many changes made to the character of Eve, a twist seemed the only resolution that made sense. Again, I was wrong. The twist is that there is no twist.

Readers of Bonnie should get some resolution explaining the fate of Eve’s daughter. To be frank, I used Amazon’s Look Inside feature to preview the book. With some judicious keyword searches I was able to determine that the writing choices Johansen has been making of late, the ones that drive me the craziest, are in full display in Bonnie. Saint Bonnie continues her path to canonization as the story moves ever farther from it’s working class roots. It appears that people who may or may not be main characters will die. Joe and Eve may or may not get another adopted kid to raise. Bonnie and her Bugs Bunny shirt will absolutely continue to heal the dead, soothe the afflicted, and elevate the existence of all within her glow. I’m not sure I can sign on for 400 or so pages of that again. Still, I am not one to bail on a deal be it stated or implied so for the third and probably final time…

I was wrong.