Displaced Persons by McCulloch and Peruzzo

Posted June 8, 2015 by Meoskop in Book Reviews, Graphic, Novels / 0 Comments

A multi shaded tree grows, different times and people reflected on it's large branches and the ground belowDisplaced Persons is a high concept graphic novel, moving back and forth through time periods. Unfortunately the full work fails to fully justify the initial idea. Like much of Derek McCulloch’s work I find myself almost there, but not fully engaged.

As an episodic novel about a multitude of flawed and lost people Displaced Persons is interesting enough. McColloch and Anthony Peruzzo make interesting art choices that add small clues to the reader along the path. Keeping to a single color shade for much of a story arc, they add in one or two additional shades as the timelines blend together.

Unfortunately in this massive landscape we follow only a small number of characters, leaving us to wonder where the rest went. A home is inherited not in a logical manner so much as a one that allows the story to circle closed. Further problematic elements of random sexism and Native American curses kept me from reallly loving Displaced Persons. This is a sprawling tale of unhappy people caught in a spiral of bad choices. All of that said, a lot happens in this well executed volume. The genres adopted for each era fit neatly, the stories within evoke specific times. I wish it were compelling rather than interestingly flawed.Two men sit on the steps near a beach, discussing one's dead wife.