Dirty Sexy Politics by Meghan McCain

Posted October 25, 2010 by Meoskop in Book Reviews, Memoirs, Nonfiction / 0 Comments

Meghan McCain sits in a white tshirt and jeans, held aloft  by an elephant's trunkMeghan McCain made me fall a bit in love with her during Dirty Sexy Politics. She’s so engaging I understood why I had been oddly attracted to her father in his initial run for the Presidency. (I say oddly because if there is one thing I am not, it is a Republican.) And here is where the tough love kicks in.

The girl thinks she’s a conservative. I completely understand. How can you be John McCain’s adoring daughter and NOT think you belong to his party? She goes on about how much she believes in living your life free of government interference, then she talks about how the most important issue facing her generation is civil rights for the LBGT community. (Meghan, I am so with you on that.) McCain prides herself on always being willing to face reality, but here she falls down. You can’t eradicate civil inequity without using the tools of government. It’s sort of charming how she thinks Reagan and Goldwater would be on her side. McCain thinks the party has changed and moved to the extreme right. She talks about how the GOP longs for the days when we all ignored AIDS and… Meghan? We didn’t all ignore it. Some of us faced it, we identified it, we fought for recognition of it while people died around us. You know who fought us the hardest? Yea.

Anyway, she also believes that her pro-life views make her a Republican. She points out that it’s pretty easy not to get pregnant, so teaching contraception is vital. While I agree with her on the teaching, I disagree with her on her strong pro life views. Rape happens. Incest happens. Carrying a non-viable but much wanted baby happens. It’s not as simple as it seems when it’s not unfolding in your own life. There’s the thing about Meghan. She’s so young. Achingly young, for all her college degree and her life experiences. One day, she will look at these inconsistencies and she will realize the reason the party kept pushing her aside is that she doesn’t belong in the party. In America, we only have two viable choices. Neither side is perfect, but Meghan is definitely Team Democrat, and when she’s ready to come out of the closet we will embrace her. Because she’s got all of her father’s best qualities. She’s clear in her opinion, common in her touch, and fearless in her honesty. It’s a pleasure to spend a few hours with her and realize that no matter how annoying your parents are at least they don’t spring the Palins on you at important family events.