Why Enid Went Electric….

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A playmobil figure sits in front of an iPod.

I went digital.

I never thought I’d do it. It wasn’t something I thought could happen to me. But there I was, just me and a Sony PRS-505. I looked at it’s shiny red case and we ran off together. I would have left a note for MMP (that’s what I called him – Mass Market Paperback just seemed so formal) but what would I write it on? How could I be sure that I wasn’t writing on paper from the same tree as MMP? That would be like tattooing a goodbye note on your boyfriend’s sister. Maybe it was cowardly, but I just slipped him into the local library’s book return and went on my way. Surely he’d find someone else. Maybe they’d even put him into circulation.

Like any new relationship, I had ignored the warning signs. 505 had tried to explain his limitations. He had baggage. There was this thing he had going with Adobe, and due to DRM we couldn’t just leave her behind. It was going to have to be a Modern Relationship. I sobbed that MMP had never done me like that. MMP let me run the relationship. I told him where to go and he just did it. Sometimes (and I hate to admit this) he’d let my whole family have a turn.

505 reminded me that he could do things MMP never dreamed of doing. His content went much deeper than MMP’s and a little bit of Adobe in my life wasn’t too high a price, was it? I decided he was right. No relationship is perfect. If I’d understood then that I was starting the long road toward stripping, would I still have done it? I’m not sure. It’s too late now. Agency Five came along and 505 told me to do what I had to do if I wanted to stay with him. It’s the compromises you make along the way that change you. I’m not sure I can ever trust 505 the way I did when he wooed me away from MMP. But I can’t go back.

I’ve seen too much.

iPad says he can satisfy me the way 505 does. He’s too flashy for my taste. Let’s be honest – size does matter. I don’t think iPad will fit in my purse. Kindle, now there’s a guy who knows how to woo me. I tell him I like a slender companion? He takes off some weight. I tell him I won’t go below a  6 inch screen? That’s his smallest size. I don’t know if 505 realizes that when we’re together sometimes I’m thinking about Kindle. I try to hide it. After all, I’ve filled 505 to the brim and forced him to wear an SD card just to keep up with me. He’s doing all he can.

505 and I made this little video in the giddy stages. He said he’d never show anyone, or use it against me – but how can I trust that? He’d probably claim Adobe did it. I’m not sure I can trust either one of them since Agency came into our lives. Kindle’s all tied up with Agency too, but he doesn’t seem happy about it. I’m going to think about it tomorrow. I just wish MMP would stop calling me. I know he’s cheaper. I know he hangs out with Hardcover all the time. But we’re so over. Why can’t he accept that?

2 responses to “Why Enid Went Electric….

  1. Oh my, you had me laughing so hard!! What a beautifully creative way to describe your relationship with MMP and 505! I could have read more lol 😀

    I just stumbled by chance on your review of Lorraine Heath’s Passions of a Wicked Earl and became follower of your blog. Can’t wait to read more of your reviews (and even more of Enid’s reading adventures! ;-p)

  2. Thanks, I started another Enid video about the iPad but life intervened and I haven’t gotten back to it. Maybe I will before too long. I’m thinking of calling it “That’s Not Going To Fit”