Sixth Grave On The Edge by Darynda Jones.

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On a teal green table, smoke twirling about, sit a pair os skull embellished sunglassesGiven my strict No Hail policy I found myself at the library with a few hours to kill. It was an ill wind blowing no good because I caught up on Darynda Jones’ Charley Davidson series. If I’d stopped at Sixth Grave On The Edge I’d likely be fine but unfortunately I pressed on to Seventh Grave And No Body. Let’s back it up to this book, though.

Actually, how many books deep do we need to be in a series before we can just pile on the spoilers? In case the answer is More Than Seven, let me hit some stuff behind tags. When the book opens, Charley is searching for Reyes Farrow’s human parents. So much is made of Reyes being the son of Satan that it’s hard to understand her motivation. How is locating his host body’s genetic origins going to inform either parties life? Reyes is opposed to the search, but Charley pushes forward.

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There are the usual beasts from hell chasing Charley in their newest incarnation. She makes stupid choices. A questionable scene is included of a 12 year old girl seeing a grown man full frontal and not only being impressed, but high fived by others. This isn’t nearly the eyebrow raiser of some events that occur in the next book, but given Charley’s willingness to hide a romantic relationship between the 12 year old and an older boy it shows she’s completely unfit to be caring for living children. Yes, I knew and currently know 12 year olds who date, have sex or get pregnant. I also know happy and well adjusted kids. They aren’t the same ones. Ok, let’s move on.

Charley meets a stealer of souls who has lured her in by sending one of his victims to seek her help. Despite Reyes knowing (and fearing) the man, Charley makes a snap call that she trusts him utterly. TSTL is her middle name. Like Reyes, Osh knows far more about Charley than she does herself and also like Reyes he prefers to keep that information from her. I have no idea why Charley spends more time investigating Reyes than she does herself. Oh wait, I do know. She’s in an unhealthy relationship that keeps her from focusing on real concerns.

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Throughout the entire series Charley has had a silent ghost in her apartment she’s named Mr. Wong. He has existed for no reason beyond providing literal color to the room. He’s grey, faces the wall, and she likes to randomly kiss him. Multiple people identify Wong as a being of extreme power, possibly there for nefarious purpose. Charley shrugs it off and keeps snuggling. She’s made a fetish object of the man. Of course he has mysterious tattoos, as silent and secretly powerful Asian characters will. She makes a note to check them out in five or six books, if she has time. I liked Sixth Grave on the Edge far more before I read the next installment. If you’re on the fence about this series stop while you’re ahead. Going back in was not my best move. Don’t believe me? Click the book seven spoiler below.

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