Legend by Marie Lu

Posted April 28, 2015 by Spetzi in Book Reviews, Dystopian, Fiction, Young Adult / 0 Comments

On a silver metallic background a raised emblem in gold, military in nature but not recognizable.(This YA review was written by Spetzi, 11)

The book “Legend” by Marie Lu is a twisting tale of 2 characters, a boy from the slums and a girl from the richest sector, who strive to find the truth about a murder and their country. This book was frankly hard to put down, and I haven’t read many better books.

In this story, a girl named June lives happily until her brother (Metias) is murdered. The government immediately places the crime onto the country’s hardest-to-catch convict, a slums boy named Day. Determined to find her brother’s killer and avenge the death, June goes undercover to Day’s sector and ends up being saved by him after a street fight.

(Spetzi has placed the rest of this review under a spoiler tag. Major plot points may be revealed.)

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